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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Our professor gave us some advice for our midterm last week. He said, "Donít try for 100% because you'll only get 50%. Just go for 70% and make sure you get the full 70%. 70% is better than 50%." He just told us to get 70%. In sports it will mean to not to go for the gold but go for the bronze or maybe non-medal. I thought he is just setting us up for failure. He must have made the test so hard that we can't even finish in the time allotted. After overanalyzing his comment for the past few days I figured that his advice wasn't so bad. Because his test is so hard, an "A" wouldn't be 100% anymore. The new "A" is only 70%. The bronze will give you an "A". The test was broken up into definitions which were worth 50% and five calculation problems. His advice was to get all the definitions and just do two of the calculation problems. In that case we got to choose two problems that we were more familiar with out of the five. In the end our score will be better because we don't have to do all problems but just two that we are familiar with. Although he could have just said the test is worth 100 points and just do two problems. At least that would sound better than setting us up for failure.
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